Monday, July 26, 2010

"The Butterfly Bush" oil landscape, plein air painting with Jim Lamb

I recently took a plein air painting workshop with internationally known artist, Jim Lamb. It was great to get to know Jim and a pleasure and privilege to attend his workshop. The event was hosted by Rockwater Art Center, a new venue for art education and promotion here in Poulsbo.

My first days effort....8x10 oil on panel sold

Fellow student, Sharron set up in the shade right in my scene!(don't blame her a bit!) so I just put her in my painting and I think that added a lot of interest.

Jim started out the day with a demonstration. We learned about keeping it simple, edges, designing your space, what you can do with a limited palette, mixing your mother load and lots of other cool stuff!


Alexandre Reider said...

Hi Robin!
Finding your blog was a pleasant surprise. Such refreshing works.Very nice sketchs! I am a plein air painter too.
Best regards!

Alexandre Reider said...

Thank you Robin! I will link you too.

Wagner Ortiz said...

Congratulations Hobin! Yours works are very interessanting and pures. I like yours colors and littles squares! Visit my blog, will be very good!

Um abra├žo!

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Wagner! I will visit your blog!