Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Big Quilcene Cascade" oil landscape painting, Olympic National Park

This is a studio painting done from images I took while plein air painting in Falls View Canyon. It will be the last in my "Cascade" series and is on display with my other plein air paintings of the Quilcene and Elwha rivers, at Alki Arts in West Seattle. If you get a chance to get over to Alki beach , check into the beautiful new space that Diane Venti has turned into a vibrant community arts center and gallery.

24x24 oil on canvas   sold


Anonymous said...

Hey Robin! This is a beautifully composed piece.

I checked out the Alki Arts site. Fabulous space. I think that huge entry door makes it very welcoming. People are more likely to wander in.

studio-middle said...

I love the rocks in this painting. I was just saying that I love painting rocks, and I have to say that your color selection and tones are magical -- draws me right in and makes me feel the cold and slipperiness of these rocks, but at the same time I feel their strength!

Robin Weiss said...

Hi Silvi!! Thank you! Your right! the space seems wide open to the street and lots of folks wander in and out...and there's a great restaurant right next door....=]

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you studio-middle! Rocks can be a challenge but also fun to paint in all their diverse textures and colors. A palette knife can be helpful in rendering them.....Welcome to IPA!