Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Res Dog" paintings from the Ned Mueller workshop


Okay, Wow,... it's been awhile since I updated my blog....but a lot has been happening....good stuff!! .., I took a trip to White Swan, Washington to help out Sacred Road Ministries for a project on the Yakima Indian Reservation,...I have several commission projects in the works, and in the middle of all that I took a workshop from artist Ned Mueller. Ned helped us with painting from photos,..emphasizing composition using your photo just as limited reference....which helped me a lot since I tend to rely too much on the photo. The top painting was done entirely by me you scroll down, the paintings have more of Neds work in them as he is one of those instructors who likes to show you what needs fixing by actually going into your painting and fixing it.

Ned added a few touches to this one darkening the trees behind the house to define it better.

Here is Ned working on a demo at Rockwater Art Center where we took the workshop.

Ned worked more into this one using his extensive background in illustration to proportion the figure to work better as a painting.....wish I had a pic of the painting as I had it before Ned worked on it, to show the difference.

This beach scene was completely wiped out by Ned as I had it painted....the figures brought more into the forground , the horizon, softened , and the color unified.....Over all I learned a lot and see how far on the journey I have to go!.....Brush miles!


Anonymous said...

Wow, it loks like you had a fabulous workshop and came home excited. I noticed that indefinite horizon in the beach scene. It really adds atmospheric mystery, and the sharper line behind the figures brings more focus there, I think. Really interesting concept and use of the horizon line. See, now I've learned something from your workshop through you! It just keeps spreading around. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Robin, of all of these, the one you worked on alone is my favorite. Res Dog has a very edgy look. Love all the red. I'm interpreting it as a little threatening.

Robin Weiss said...

Don, I love the way that works!!! Spread the love around!..=] I've learned a few things from you too! Like think outside the box!

Thanks man!

Robin Weiss said...

Hey Silvi! Thank you! edgy, I like that!...Your interpretation is right! You don't want to pet a res dog....and I don't think I did this guy justice!

Marian Fortunati said...

Did you know that was how he was as a teacher... the working on your painting part??
I had a teacher like that once and it was quite a shock when he started in painting over my work.

I know you learn a lot when teachers do that, but I'd rather they didn't.

I agree with Silvina... I like the one you did by yourself best of all.