Thursday, December 30, 2010

Catching up on Commissions oil painting

The last month or so I have been working hard to catch up all the commission paintings that have accumulated. I have them listed on a board. Two more to go! This represents my biggest challenge so far ....a 60x40 canvas of Seattle city, down by the waterfront. It is still in progress but I am feeling pretty good about the overall composition.
Some may recognize this scene, as I have done it before..I don't always have success repainting prior work but this turned out okay. 15x8 oil on canvas..."Green Pastures"

Same with "The Puzzled Cow"...think I have painted this guy about four times now....sheesh!..People love him...and so do I!.....9x12 oil on canvas

I don't get to do many pet paintings...not really my forte' ....but I had fun doing "Merlin" in watercolor....12x9, W/C

Another painting of the mouth of the Dungeness river....for the same gentleman who has commissioned the rest of my river paintings......God bless him!
These paintings are all for available work


Marian Fortunati said...

Congratulations, Robin, on all of your commissions AND on almost completing them.

That Seattle waterfront scene looks like it's going to be absolutely stunning. WOW... Hope you'll post it when it's done.

Robin Weiss said...

Will do Marion! Thanks!...=]

Darrell Anderson said...

I've got to stop by and see that waterfront scene. Great composition. Looking forward to seeing the finish.

Sam Johnson said...
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Sam Johnson said...
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Sam Johnson said...

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David Lobenberg said...

Beautiful! This painting will help inspire me in doing a series of vernal pool paintings i am going to start soon.