Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Lime Kiln Lighthouse" San Juan Island, lighthouse oil painting

I have painted this lighthouse many times. Last summer I spent several days in the San Juan Islands plein air painting.......I grabbed this photo out of the archives for a little warm up study . It was done on linen rag paper, a fun surface to work on but the paper really absorbs the paint at first.
 The weather is finally getting nicer, so I will be going out to paint soon.....Can't wait!
12x9 oil on linen paper.


Unknown said...

Truly warm and beautiful painting Robin. I am with you... can't wait for the weather (and the flooding) to get better so that I can paint outside!

Anonymous said...

Love your painting we would like to invite you to paint our Lime Kiln in Donegal Ireland!!

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Judy! It's a comin!!!..=]

Robin Weiss said...

Hey I checked out your website!! Looks like a great painting location!!No kidding, I would love to take a vacation in Portnablagh! We will have to work on that!