Monday, May 30, 2011

"Home Pasture" cows in the landscape, oil painting..

One more for the cows!! This time I combined some of the images that I took in LaConnor ...Using an old barn from one pic, the pasture from another and one of my sketches of the cows, I was able to put this composition together.....I think it could go bigger...=]
6x8 oil on panel sold

By the way, if your wondering why I am not offering these little paintings for auction it is because I am saving some work for my solo show at the Directors Gallery in July . I hope you can make it for the opening, First Friday Artwalk in July!.. There will also be larger recent work!....  I will start with the auctions again after the show....

I keep thinking of more things to say....Publish, edit...publish, know the routine....But....I wanted to add that my friend and fellow plein air painter, Darrell Anderson...(actually he is a much more dedicated PA painter than me!) will be offering a painting give-away on his blog and all you have to do is comment to enter!! The more comments the better your chances....Great idea !
8x6 oil on panel  sold


shirley fachilla said...

Really excellent job of combining assorted reference material into a wonderful painting.

Robin Weiss said...

Hi Shirley! Thanks! I love my digital camera!!..=]