Thursday, September 01, 2011

"Lake Union Boathouse" urban marine scenes , Seattle

There is an amazing variety of great scenes to paint around Lake Union in Seattle. We were on our way to visit our friend Emiliya Lane who owns the cool and eclectic gallery/gift shop called Frank and Dunya, in Freemont. We stopped to take some pictures of the boat house's on Lake Union.
I'm still painting with the three color palette that I experimented with in the Jim Lamb workshop from a few weeks ago.....I think I will stick with it for now much easier than trying to sort through all those colors!


Unknown said...

I've been doing the same thing since I did a Jim Lamb workshop earlier this year. It is much easier! Over time I am going back to adding Alizarin to my pallete most the time and or viridian. Depending on the scene it is hard for me to live without these two. Another gorgeous painting, btw.

Robin Weiss said...

I know what ya mean! hard to give up viridian! I have been experimenting with different triads, I like Alizarin, Ultramarine blue and Cad yellow light for a nice warm DNA..

Thanks PHS! I appreciate your kind comments!

Randy Saffle said...

I always paint with a limited palette that I picked up from K. Macpherson.
Ultramarine Blue , Alizarin & Cad. Yellow lt. with Cad. Red lt. I find I want both reds, but can do without two of the others.
When I go all out I add Sap Green, Yellow Ochre and Holbein’s Grey of Grey as modifiers. Having grey out reminds me to mix more of them.
Viridian almost never.

Robin, you made some nice grays with the limited palette. Looks good!

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Randy! I'm still getting used to it....but I like it!