Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Rose Hip" oil still life painting.

There is a great grocery store near us called Central Market. In the parking lot they have a lot of Regosa Roses which produce these wonderful Rose Hips. I cut a few off for painting and then went in to see if they had any good Sunflowers...They were right at the end of the season and getting rid of the they gave me a few for free!....Double score!
I wasn't happy with this until I softened all the edges except for the focal point.
6x6 oil on panel  sold


Dianne said...

This encourages me to beat the birds to my roses and snag some rose hips to pain too. I look forward to seeing the sunflowers.

Robin Weiss said...

Yep, better get those R-hips now...they won't last much longer!

Thanks Dianne!

Jan said...

Lovely painting, Robin. I think your greens are gorgeous.

I must have seen the same sunflowers you did, and thought what a shame to bundle them all up in a plastic bag to be thrown away. I wish I would have asked for some too. Even with a one inch stem they could be floated and last another couple days--- or even painted! Will we get to see another sunflower painting next?