Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Mop Brush" Artist tool, still life, painting by Robin Weiss

I received a great response from the last chip brush study I did as a warm up exercise and it served as a good way to loosen up the hand before starting the days I did a few more! This is an easy way to do a quick study from life with out a lot of set up time.

Plein Air Painting magazine is doing an artical featuring  messy palettes and are asking for painters to send in pictures....I've been considering it!  They're going to receive a lot of pictures!

  I have been working on large canvases lately...and that is my excuse this time, for not posting as often.... But I paint every day!  I finally finished my home studio and am using it for working large...I still work and teach mostly at the Knowles studio with my buddy and colleague Leigh Knowles Metteer, but it helps to have a space I can get "in the zone" without a lot of distractions.

Speaking of Leigh,..she has just started a blog of her unique and stunning, monotype prints! Check it out HERE  


Darrell Anderson said...

Sorry, Rob. I've seen your well organized palette and you may not qualify. Love the translucence you got in that plastic well as the head of the screw. Nice little piece but the large one is out of sight.

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Darrell!...Ya, maybe your right....but you could enter your palette!!?..=]

Sadeu said...

you have paintings of high quality, Robin : )