Monday, April 08, 2013

"White clouds over Ebeys Landing" Whidby Island, plein air , landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"White Clouds over Ebeys Landing" 8x8 oil on panel $330
Walked up to the top of the bluff for this one. The sun was directly behind me and the view across the fields was irresistible. I learned the trick that it is better to paint a back lit scene at high noon from my friend Jim Lamb. That's usually your best bet but I got side tracked by the spectacular marching rows of clouds over the fields.
Whidby Island Paint Out 2013

Here's the view looking the opposite direction. Pretty spectacular as well!! Hard to believe there was snow six inches deep the day before!

There was a continual trickle of hikers climbing up the bluff and hiking along the ridge to descend back to the beach and then along the beach back to the parking lot. A hike I will go back with Ann later in the summer to enjoy!


Alison Barry said...

Stunning! Those clouds are breathtaking!

Darrell Anderson said...

All these super paintings. You were really 'on' for this event, despite the cold and wet. Enjoying those clouds.