Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Line Up" marine oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Line Up"   8x8 oil on panel     Sold
 Back to the paintings from Port Angeles done at Paint the Peninsula. I kept being drawn to the boats and painted another one sitting on a bench by the marina.  I was glad that it went to a good home during the gala art exhibition at The Port Angeles Fine Art Center!

set up for "Line Up"

I will try and get more photos of my process in the future but basically I do a quick sketch under-painting using orange/red and then after a short set up time , get right to work laying in the color.

That big pipe going across the photo?  Well that's a BIG pipe parallel to the walkway and getting in the way of the view!  Fortunately us artists can just leave those distractions out!  =]

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Lavon said...

wow! just fab! love Port Angeles. I would move there in a flash if my hubbie could be ousted from NM!!!
All the detail in your painting is marv!