Sunday, March 09, 2014

"Madrone Lane" Bainbridge Island, urban, plein air, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Madrone Lane"  8x10 oil on panel    Sold
I realized that I had never posted this painting when it sold. This has happened before.  That brings me to the professional artists tip that you should always keep your images of paintings in organized folders. One for High Resolution and one for Web posting. This one was never resized and it took me some time to find. It was tucked away in my high res folder. Fortunately, because I keep pretty organized folders by date I was able to find it fairly fast but I hate wasting time digging for stuff when it should be right at my fingertips.  I've done that when looking for tools to do a project around the house. There have been times when, after looking for a tool for an hour I just gave up and refocused on another project.  Don't let that happen to your art images! They are too important to our business!  Plus,  you can then devote more time to watching talking dog videos on youtube...=]


Lavon said...

love it!

Mary Pyche said...

If you should write an article on organizing, I'd love to read it! I must be one of the worst as much as I try, I don't succeed. Yesterday I found the painting on my inventory sheet that I wanted to list on DPW but couldn't find the jpg.