Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Spring Dike" LaConner, plein air, landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Spring Dike"  6x8 oil on panel      SOLD
I recently took a trip to LaConner, WA. to view the early Daffodils and paint with my friend, Mark Bistranin.  The first day was sunny and beautiful and we both did three paintings!  Rain returned on the next day but I was still able to get a painting done and spend some time visiting.

The downside and tragic part of this trip I learned while driving home on Saturday.  A mudslide near Arlington in the town of Oso wiped out many homes and 90 people are dead and missing. The relief effort to find the missing and clear the debris is massive and those on the scene need our help. That is why I am donating the proceeds of the sale of this piece to the relief efforts.  You can bid on this painting at the dailypaintworks auction HERE.   Thank you for supporting this cause!

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Lavon said...

Robin, it has been on the news here, too. so very sad!

On another note, your painting is delightful. love the water reflections and the roof texture.