Thursday, April 03, 2014

"Skagit Barns" LaConner, plein air, landscape, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Skagit Barns"  8x10 oil on panel      $330
We woke up to grey skies and threatening rain on the second day of the Laconner painting trip.  I managed to get one more plein air painting done and then did some scouting and visiting. 

Cascade Green
I added a new color made by Daniel Smith to my palette called Cascade Green. It helped me in this painting to more quickly mix the hue of green I was looking for in this cool valued rainy day scene.
I also spent a long time sitting and watching the amazing spectacle of the Snow Geese and Trumpeter Swans on their migration to the summer breeding grounds in the north. Thousands of them pass trough Washington State, many stopping in the Skagit Valley to fuel up for the journey......Well,,,,take a look at this short video    =]


Lavon said...

Robin, LOL!!!! thanks, I needed that this morning!

BTW, loved your barn and puddle painting. Makes me sooo homesick! The Cascade green is a nice color. It very much puts me in mind of foggy days at Mt Rainier....

Darrell Anderson said...

Nice one, Rob.They picked the right name for that color although Winter Cascade Green might be more accurate. Your compositions come together so well.