Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Carmel River" California, coastal, plein air painting by Robin Weiss

"Carmel River" 8x8 oil on panel     Sold
Boy , I think I am experiencing a writers block!  I am so far ahead of these California paintings now that I am not inspired to post and write about them....But yet I want to post them for the memories they represent. You see, at the end of the year I have a blog book published and it is a great reminder of my painting adventures.  So...I will continue to post them but with not as much side info..Hopefully I can get through them.  If you would like a catalogue of these paintings give me a ring.....=]
Thanks for your patience!!


Lavon said...

missed seeing your posts! This is a lovely painting...kinda different from your usual stuff. Like it!

Robin Weiss said...

My friend Leigh just can't seem to figure out how to post on my blog but I love her comments to me so I will post one myself!

Be Inspired!
Here is a sanctuary - bright and warm. An estuary teaming with life. You have much to write about. Close your eyes - remember sipping coffee in the cool morning fog of the coastline, muffled sounds of life waking up to the day - remember how the volume of color, light and space transformed around eleven, torrit grey turning to manganese and then french ultramarine where the sky kisses the water - remember the dry grasses pungent tones lifted upward as the moisture rose and soft warm hues begun to glow from inside, and then ignite as mists yield to ocean breezes and straight shafts of light strike a golden match.
Thanks for the memory!

Lavon said...

wow, Leigh!!! that is awesome! love a good poem and your letter is a poem.

Robin, sure would like to see more letters from Leigh.