Monday, September 28, 2015

"Lake Irwin Camp" Crested Butte, plein air, landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Lake Irwin Camp"  10x12 oil on panel   $600
Since we didn't have reservations for a hotel in town , Maury and I found a camp spot at Lake Irwin. I ended up staying there for the next three weeks. The place had everything you would want in a landscape for making great paintings! The fact that there were no showers or running water was not on my priority list.  We just made it work..

Camp #2  Lake Irwin
As soon as the folks next to us left we moved to that spot which could be occupied for up to three weeks...perfect!

This became home for the rest of our stay in Colorado. About 100 yards away was a hand pump well for water and a one seat outhouse and that was about it for amenities..

We did have a camp host named Shelby who was there for the summer with his family. We got to be good friends and hope to see them again on our return.

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Lavon said...

beautiful! how were the mosquitos?