Thursday, December 31, 2015

"Beach Combers" oil, marinescape painting by Robin Weiss

"Beach Combers"    10x12 oil on panel , framed    $600
We waited for a sunny day to hike the trail down to Second Beach near LaPush, WA on the Olympic Peninsula. I painted here last year during PTP 2014 and even did a different view of this same sea stack.
"Incoming Tide" 10x12 oil on linen
PTP 2014     $600
The beach was pretty crowded with hikers and campers. I picked a spot out of the way, in the shade, then quickly sketched my composition with a drawing brush and thin, Quin Sienna paint from Daniel Smith. I like the transparency and the more saturated, red/orange color of the pigment for under-painting in the Northwest where we have so much blue and green to deal with.

The sun was moving very fast so I quickly washed in the shaded areas and then STUCK to my light/dark plan as everything started to change dramatically.  I finished this painting in about an hour and a half then packed my gear and headed down the beach to meet other artist friends.

Rhonda McKay painting on 2nd Beach

I was looking for something different from the last couple years of painting on Second Beach. The storm twisted firs marching up the bluffs caught my eye. Artist Rhonda Thatcher McKay was in my field of view so I painted her in.

Ned Mueller's  painting on 2nd Beach

Many fine paintings were done down on the beach that day by artists including Jim Lamb, Bob Stem, Eric Jacobson and one of my favorites of the day by Ned Mueller.

During the month of January and February 2016 you can view many of these paintings during a solo exhibition at the Tree House Cafe. Click
for info on this great restaurant and event destination located in Lynwood Center on Bainbridge  Island.

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Lavon said...

gorgeous! always love second beach and the sea stacks. these images take me back to my younger years when I did a lot of hiking along the beach. also appreciate the pointers!