Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Pioneer Square Hotel" Seattle city, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Pioneer Square Hotel" 36x48 oil on canvas   Sold
Available at Alki Arts, Seattle

Found out for sure last week that Alki Arts, a gallery that started out in West Seattle, moved downtown and has been representing me for over six years is closing the doors at the end of March. Very sad news for all the artists as we have become like family, prospered and grew our careers together there. Diane and her whole family have been and will continue to be good friends. Our whole community of artists and art lovers will miss her warm smile and nurturing spirit.

 I have been working hard on a series of paintings depicting iconic Seattle scenes for a show at Alki in May. That show got cut short but the paintings will be exhibited at the First and Seneca location until the end of March and then moved to another spot  in the city for April where they will be available for purchase. 

To see the rest of the paintings in this exhibition go to my gallery page HERE and scroll down to paintings available at Alki Arts


Kay M. Dewar said...

I love your artwork, Robin, and your scenes of Seattle are so important. I'm very sorry to hear that Alki Arts will be closing. I am sure your art will find a new home, but I feel sad that this gallery will close. Any chance of it opening again in West Seattle?

Robin Weiss said...

Hi Kay, thanks for the encouragement! I'm confident that another gallery will accept my work but don't think Alki Arts will continue on. Economics have changed in Seattle and the opportunities that used to exist to occupy vacant commercial space at reduced cost are all being grabbed up by long term leasers. I think that is a loss for the culture in Seattle. Anyway, thanks so much for following along on the blog!! I will certainly keep painting the city as I see it and share with all of you.

Take care,