Monday, December 05, 2016

"City Walk" Seattle city oil painting by Robin Weiss

"City Walk" 12x8 oil on panel     Sold

I started this cityscape in my usual way of blocking in the composition and values as close as possible with an underpainting in Burnt Sienna. After letting it set a bit I go right in with color. The challenge was to render the gestures of the girls as they chatted while walking down the sidewalk on a sunny day in Seattle. This is a front lit scene which is more of a challenge for me than back lit figures such as the scene below, of figures walking down the sidewalk in Seattles, Westlake Center.

"Westlake Shoppers"  14x9 oil on panel

You have to be careful  when laying in the rim light around the figures but facial features are more easily rendered in the back lit scene.

Again the most interesting thing in these compositions is the gestures of the figures. Try to vary movement of arms and legs. Make one figure the "Star" of the show that will draw the viewer in to your story. If one figure is looking directly at the viewer that figure should be the focal point and should get the most attention.

The best way to get good at gesture in your figures is to draw all the time!  Spend quality time with your sketchbook!  It will love you for it!  =]

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Lavon said...

wonderful! Robin, thank you for all the great description of your technique, too! do more. love it!