Thursday, November 16, 2017

"James Island" From the Quilute Marina. marine landscape by Robin Weiss

"James Island" From the Quilute Marina
16x20 oil on canvas, framed  Sold
Available through the Cole Gallery;    425-687-2787

This studio painting was inspired by a plein air painting that was a demonstration during my workshop this year prior to Paint the Peninsula.  We had such a good time at this workshop painting on the Olympic Peninsula that I have decided to try it again next year. If you are interested in joining us send me an email and I will get you on the list to receive email updates.

Workshop at Salt Creek

One of the locations we painted was Salt Creek a favorite of all the students and also the artists that come from all over the US and Canada to participate in Paint the Peninsula.  I came back to this spot during the event and painted as the moon blotted out the sun during the solar eclipse of 2017
More about that in future posts. =]

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Lavon said...

a lovely piece, as usual!