Tuesday, December 12, 2017

"Vase of Roses" original flower, still life painting by Robin Weiss

"Vase of Roses" 14x11 oil on panel    $800
Available through the Michael Birawer Gallery, Seattle

After finishing this painting, which went very fast as some do, I was wishing that I had photographed the process. This time of year I take stock of all the panels around the studio. Paintings that haven't sold or didn't work. Ones that had potential at the time but just stacked up. Hating to waste anything,  these derelicts can sometimes be great foundations for new work. . In this case the painting was a mostly blue seascape, awful thing, that I turned upside down so as not to be too distracted and then used a photograph of a back lit, vase of roses on the porch. Working quickly with large brush and lots of thick juicy paint I blocked in the simple shapes and for once, stopped before overworking the thing.  You never know what can happen! Give it a try!

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Teri said...

These turned out great - the out of focus and soft pink are roses to the T! I can almost smell them.