Thursday, June 28, 2018

"Skagit Quick Sketch" Plein air, landscape painting by Robin Weiss

Skagit Quick Sketch"   12x9 oil on panel   $600

We set up on the side of the road by the tulip fields in Laconnor to paint the amazing colors of spring in Skagit Co. I knew which view I wanted to paint and quickly set up my easel after parking in a questionable turnout along the road. It gets pretty crazy during tulip season with many more visitors  than usual clogging the two lane roads , pulling off anywhere , taking pictures and filling all available parking. It was not very long before an officer on a motorcycle , no doubt getting overtime pay, pulled over and told us we could not park where we were and suggested another location across the road. I left my pochade box by the road, moved the van and then jogged back to continue painting. When I finally took a breath and looked around there were a lot of views to paint from right were I was!.....I turned about and laid in this composition in about twenty minuets .

I'll post the painting I started with next time!

Have fun out there and watch where you park! 

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Lavon said...

lovely piece! love Skagit!