Tuesday, July 30, 2019

"Rainbow Bridge" plein air, marine painting by Robin Weiss

"Rainbow Bridge" 11x14 oil on linen  SOLD

When I visited LaConnor earlier this year I was happy to see this sailboat tied up at the dock. I have painted it before....a couple times.. and thought "What the heck, I'll try it again.

LaConnor has a great walkway all along the waterfront in town that provides good views of the harbor and provides enough room to set up an easel......That's why we paint here a lot! 

BTW, If you are in town check out the Seaside Gallery! 

View Catcher  
To paint this complicated view and get the proportions right I used some tools in my kit.  A "View Catcher" and a plexi "grid"  called Quick Comp. 

These tools allow you to compose easier and make a quick sketch of a scene that may have many complicated elements and perspectives.

 If you are a beginner and have problems getting boats in perspective using these tools can help you see how the forms "lay down" on a 2 D surface.  Both can be found online at Dick Blick.

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