Friday, November 10, 2006

Arts in The Woods

Heres the set up for Arts in The Woods. What a blast . Had a good day of fellowship with good artist friends, drank alot of coffee, and met alot of great folks. A storm blew in with alot of rain but we still had a pretty good turn out. I was supposed to be demonstrating but all I got accomplished was this mediocre watercolor sketch of a pomegranate above.


Anonymous said...

When a weary, warrior like myself
happens upon a barn like studio filled with colorful pictures,and even more colorful people something leaps within me. Gratitude grows as I beam at my precious friends amidst the fruit of their labors. I am the lucky one gazing upon each shimmering, colorfilled creation carefully crafted by people who know how to do such mysterious things as "mix paint". I am the observer, storing up each ray of light shining through the imagined stories inside the paintings. This I will remember on long, dark winter days to come. A sunny day filled with beautiful paintings, made by folks filled with light. Their shining is bigger than the darkness.

Tom Brown said...

Greaat work! I just found your site and love your art. - Tom Brown

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Paulette! What a great comment, and what a great sister in Jesus. Thanks Tom!