Sunday, November 12, 2006

Still at Arts in the Woods

Dan Rice, from Trumeau college in Seattle Washington works on his demo. painting, at Arts in The Woods.

Above is another stab at the pomegranate in watercolor. I'll try somthing different today. The weather shaped up for saturday and we had a great turnout. Then we all had a wonderful turkey dinner at Claudia and Mike McKinstrys.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful show at "Art In The Woods 06" -- your work really shines. Knowles Studio, Poulsbo, a perfect venue. The change in your work as you move from water colors to oil is fascinating. The picture of the red tree in fall just glows. Great Show. Bravolissimo! I hope to be able purchase one of your paintings soon. Shalom, Dave Kragen, KaveDragen, Ink.

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Dave. Good to see you there, and thanks for the kind comments and encouragement.