Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Demo painting, watercolor, stillife, floral

Saturday at the studio I met Diana, who came in for private lessons in watercolor painting. It was a wonderfully peaceful day as we listened to great music and painted togeather. This is the demo painting I did. Completed in about 20 min it was an excercise in a more impressionistic style of watercolor.
For those of you who are local, Leigh's studio is open Saturdays from 10:oo am till 5:00 pm. One or the other of us will be there or most times both of us and you can come in and visit or use the studio for painting or print making, .... or get private lessons. Email me at for further info or to purchase any artwork.
A painting in progress, from one of the pictures I took in Seattle last week. Starting May first I will be showing recent and not so recent paintings at Checkers, espresso cafe in Poulsbo. There will be an opening reception Fri , May 4th at 6:00pm. So come have a cup of coffee and check out the new work, I would love to meet you!


Jennifer McChristian said...

Hi Robin,

Lovely watercolor. It only took you twenty minutes to complete? That's impressive :)

I think laying out a grid as you did for your work in progress is an excellent (and smart) idea......helps keep the proportions intact.

I wish I could join you for your reception in May. Unfortunately, I am not local :(
May you have a successful and jovial opening reception!


Robin Weiss said...

Hi Jennifer, Thanks! I'm hoping to get back to plein air soon. I liked your latest, "Brown Barn" alot.