Friday, February 05, 2010

"Post Alley" review of Post Alley oil paintings Seattle Washington

My latest PA ......Thought I'd do a little review of all my Post Alley paintings......just for fun......Don't know what it is that fascinates me about that alley....Well there's a lot of things... but mostly all the gum on the wall.

8x10 oil on panel

Accepted into the Collective Visions Gallery, juried exhibition. 2010

16x20 oil on canvas

9x12 oil on panel Sold

6x6 oil on panel Sold

Annie walking down the alley outside "The Alibi Room"
6x8 oil on panel


Anonymous said...

It's interesting how one can find so much material in a single small place. These are wonderful paintings that give a real feel for Post Alley. I especially like the "red purse" with the woman with her dog and the big manhole cover in the foreground. So much interest and depth. The geometric shapes and colors of the pavement in the first one also caught my eye. Very nice series!!

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Don! Post Alley is a favorite haunt of mine.