Thursday, February 25, 2010

"The Vision" Poulsbo marina, boat painting

I'm not advocating this for anyone else, but if you hang out by the gate at private marinas....and look harmless enough....some kind soul with a key to the gate will usually let you in....which is how I found this old relic, begging to be immortalized on canvas.

12x12 oil on canvas sold


Anonymous said...

Your marina strategy should work... as a former boat owners, we were always proud of the beauty of the marina and felt a lift in our spirits as we walked out onto the docks. You've captured that nicely here -- the beauty even in a "working" marina and the charm of the old "Vision" waiting to be loved again.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Are you saying that you make opportunity, knocking...?

I'm glad you did. You've captured such an interesting image. I "feel" the light and warmth.

Darrell Anderson said...

Super, Rob. Great color and texture...and your values are right on as usual. Love it.

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Don! Thought you would like this one..

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks! Yes, sometimes you have to knock on opportunity....=]

Hey Darrell, Thanks man! Lets go painting!