Friday, March 05, 2010

Plein Air Painting in the Pacific Northwest

I have been on several plein air painting trips over the last month. The image above is the painting I did on a little known beach down at the end of Seven Sisters Rd, just over the Hood Canal Bridge. There were lots of folks digging clams and oysters...and making me hungry!

8x10 oil on panel sold

The set up at Seven Sisters....It's always nice to have a sturdy piece of driftwood at your back for leaning ,shade and storage....=]

The set up in Port Townsend......I didn't post the may end up on the Frisbee pile...

The set up and the Lagoon Beach on the way to Marrowstone Island. Got my trusty Indiana Jones hat on..

The painting done on site at Lagoon Beach. I will probably work these guys over a bit in the studio. 8x10 oil on panel

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Anonymous said...

Hi Robin,
Is it possible to visit your studio?
Do you have any open studio days?
The last question - Can I sign for a private lessons, classes or workshops. Thank you, Robin