Thursday, November 04, 2010

"At The Mouth of the Dungeness" oil landscape painting

It's hard to tell the scale of paintings on this blog but this one is 48x24. It is the largest canvas I have attempted so far and it is for a commission project that I received a few months ago. I spent a couple days scouting, sketching and painting the Dungeness river while camping out in the parking lot of the Three Crabs restaurant. When I got back with all my reference stuff I went to work on this large canvas. The mouth of the Dungeness is property owned by a duck hunting club and I had to get special permission to access the site, which I did thanks to Matt the caretaker...I really appreciate him taking the time to hear me out and then graciously allow me to roam the wetlands freely..What a spot!!
48x24 oil on stretched canvas   sold


n warner said...


Elizabeth Whiteman said...

This is stunning! Love the nuances in the water, the choice of palette, and grasses are my favourite thing ever.

Marian Fortunati said...

Wow... That IS a large canvas!! Long too.... Was it difficult to plan out our did you already have it in your mind before you started?

I'll bet your client is happy!

SKIZO said...


Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Nina!

Hi Elizabeth! I love grasses too!

Hi Marian! I did a lot of studys and a large value map before i got started on this one!

Thanks Skizo!

Anonymous said...

I'll leave another WOW for you! The colors are gorgeous and I love the detail of the birds against the more impressionistic rendering of the water and grasses. A real winner!