Monday, August 15, 2011

Plein Air Painting, Brownsville marina

Brownsville Marina Boats 6x10 oil on panel

 A lot has been happening the last couple of weeks and it has been hard to find the time to post.  For one I have been getting out to paint!  I have given a workshop in watercolor plein air painting for nineteen brave souls who belong to the Poulsbo Art League and I have taken a color workshop with Jim Lamb.

Sometimes I feel a little guilty about doing so many studio paintings and posting them to my blog called In Plein Air....I'm sure there are some smirks from the hard core PA guys..When I started this blog in 2006 the idea was to do more outside painting ...but life kinda took over and I gained galleries and they requested certain types of know how it goes....I have thought of re-branding my blog and may still. ....I would like to have your input on that. What do you think? Should I start a new blog of studio work and keep IPA..or just rename this blog to Robin Weiss Fine Art?

I usually start out a painting session by doing small thumbnail sketches. Lately I have been using water brushes. One has clear water and one has 50% India ink, and water soluble markers.
In the sketch above,  the sail boat with the dingy sailed away just as I was getting started painting! I hate that!...but it is part of the challenge of PA ....I think the resulting painting (Top) is missing a good focal point.....I have pics, so I may be able to pull off a good studio painting from this effort.. that is what plein air is all about for me....getting all the reference and color information you need to take back to the studio.


Don Gray said...

Nice work, Robin. Welcome to Daily Paintworks--you're a great addition!

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Don! I appreciate it!

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks to all the notes folks have been sending me by email! I very much appreciate all the suggestions and encouragements!