Sunday, February 05, 2012

Black History Month at Alki Arts, oil figurative painting by Robin Weiss

Things have been frantically busy around here as usual!  I am posting a picture of my painting "The Runner" before I had finished it. I have since fixed the runners neck so that it doesn't look so stiff! .....and then rushed the painting off to Alki Arts for the Black History Month Show before I remembered to take an updated photo! The "runner" is my friend Patrick and the scene is from camp last year where we both served as camp counselors. 16x20 oil on canvas

 I also framed and brought over my painting "Brothers" for the show. These two guys were talking in Seattle when I candidly shot the photo ref.
 6x8 oil on panelsold

The opening was a fun party with live jazz music and a big turnout !  Selling a painting topped off a great night!

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