Friday, February 24, 2012

"La Push Evening" plein air oil painting by Robin Weiss

La Push Evening  8x12 oil on panel.

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For the last two years my wife, Ann and I have been staying at Quileute Oceanside Resort for Valentines Day....I'm hoping this will be a yearly tradition for us because I love the ocean in the winter and especially the La Push/ Mora Beach areas!

 This year our cabin was closer to the beach with big picture windows and a porch that faced the majestic crashing this is a gettaway! No TV or internet distractions, just the awesome beauty of God's creation!

It was raining on and off which doesn't bother me at all except when I am painting...I know, I know....I have seen all those pictures on the internet of guys pouring water out of their pocade boxes.....I prefer a covered porch if I can get it!...=]

All in all it was a great couple of days! I got some romantic time away with my wife .....and some painting time too!
 We also took a ton of pictures and I have already done some studio paintings.  Some of these I have posted on my facebook page.....The blog is about three weeks behind my Fb page.......It just works out that way!  Hard to keep up with all the social media venues out there these days!  Anyhow, you will see all the paintings here in time....Have a great weekend!


Jessie Rasche's paintings of children said...

Beautiful painting Robin. And what a great Valentines Day story!

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Jessie! A great time was had by all!..=]

n warner said...

The setting is amazing....went to see La Push many moons ago, and it was so wonderfully beautiful. Glad you and your wife took a nice break to stay in the cabins.
Always a pleasure to see your good works!



Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Nina! Hope all is well in your world!