Friday, January 11, 2013

"Powell's Books" Portland city oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Powell's Books" 12x9 oil on panel by Robin Weiss Sold
An iconic institution and destination in Portland Oregon, almost everyone who has been to the city has browsed the four floors and almost endless aisles of  books at Powell's. The art books are on the fourth floor. I can get lost up there and just camp out in the aisle..=]...There is also a great cafe downstairs where you can bring your treasures and drink good coffee while you read....That's a satisfying afternoon in my book!

Sometimes it's hard to tell while in the process, just what will bring that extra spark of magic to a painting....but when you get it, you know it...and the gallery owner knows it ...and the collectors know it..Sometimes it is just a stroke or two, maybe a value/ hue change to an area or shadow..I set this one aside for awhile , not sure I could pull off that spark...sometimes I just can't figure it out...Then, while working on another painting I mixed up some pure , intense , color with just a bit of white to heighten the value but not kill the chroma and added it to the tree on the left that is caught in the strong afternoon light...I added some touches to the figures as well.....I think that did it.....?


Jerry Stocks said...

Yes, that did it and it is wonderful.

Darrell Anderson said...

Another winner, Rob. This one is so appealing.

Carol Flatt said...

Oh yes! You have a incredible way of capturing "THAT" perfect moment in the action. It's just like being there watching the scene.

robin peterson said...

...and that bit of extra color in the road stripe in the right foreground leading you right back to the conversation on the corner. Love this composition.

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks for the confirmation Jerry!

Hey Darrell, thanks man!

Carol, I appreciate the comment!

Thank you Robin! Any prop that will take the viewer in!! =]

Lavon said...

I love the relections on the street and the hint of the cafe inside the windows. and yes, the little pops are marvelous. A beautiful painting of an iconic place.