Thursday, January 31, 2013

"The View from Old Gardner Road" oil landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"The View from Old Gardner Road" 8x10 oil landscape painting by Robin Weiss    SOLD
The weather turned for a few days last week and I got out to the field for some plein air painting. The day started out pretty foggy put cleared up just enough to see some distant tree lines. I love it like this! You don't have to worry about turning your palette out of the sun and the light stays fairly constant until the end of the day which is about 4:00pm right now.

Plein air painting by Robin Weiss
 I headed out towards Sequim thinking about a marsh area by Discovery Bay. On the way I stumbled onto Old Gardner Road and decided to explore. Just what I was looking for! Plenty of room to pull off, nobody around and wide open spaces!

Pochade box designed by Robin Weiss
Before Christmas I started shopping around for a pochade box to give my son Maury. He likes to go out painting with me on occasion and gets stuck with my old french easel....I couldn't believe the cost for these things with all the accessories needed. With the help of my friend Jim Metteer, I designed a box and built two. One for me and one for Maury! It turned out great and uses my innovation of velcro to attach the carry panels to the easel part of the pochade. I posted some of the process on Facebook but since there have been some requests  a pdf of the design will be made available as soon as I get it drawn up...Let me know if you're interested!


Robin Roberts said...

this one is another neat translation of the landscape. I've noticed your unique plein air set up for a long time. It would be great to have your innovations on the pochade box.

Dianne said...

Your design looks very interesting. I went to Facebook, and found a page for you, but I couldn't find anything on your pochade box. I'm still learning to use Facebook, is there something in particular I need to do?
I was pretty much given a Soltek, but it's daunting because when people see me setting it up, they expect really impressive painting.I think I could relax more with a friendly wooden set up that I could also lift.

Lavon said...

Robin, love that area! your painting is wonderful. you are so making me homesick!!!

yes I would like to have your pdf of the box, please!
thanks, Lavon

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Robin, Dianne and Lavon!

I think Lavon had a great idea and I'm going to talk to David Marine and see if I can get an artbyte done of the process I used to make this box. Warning....this will require some power tools and some carpentry skills....My friend who helped me is a wooden boat builder!...=] But don't be scared off either! I can offer some tips on how to improve your own pochade and will also include some painting tips as well!...=]

Darrell Anderson said...

Looking at the pic of your field setup I get a better sense of the painting colors. I like how that arc of orange/red throws the eye back into the subtle blue of the distant hills. The amount of eye movement around the painting surprises me for a simple subject...must be that arc?

Carole Baker said...

Your beautiful paintings have caught my eye on DPW. I'd love to see your pochade box instructions.