Monday, February 04, 2013

"Port Williams" marine scape oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Port Williams"10x8  Marine scape oil painting by Robin Weiss SOLD
There was still some daylight left after finishing my painting on Old Gardner Rd. so I headed to Sequim (pronounced Squim, silent E ) hoping to find the sun. They say Sequim is in the "Banana Belt" around here and gets the least amount of rain. The sun never came out but I found a good spot to set up by the boat launch at the end of Port Williams Rd.

plein air at port williams

The distant point provided a good focal point and the beach with the driftwood leads the eye to it.  I touched the final painting up in the studio using the photos I took on location.

In this case the original field painting may have turned out better than the studio rework...


Lavon said...

Hard to say, Robin. They are both awesome! Bet you are really missing the old Crab Shack on those days. A bowl of hot chowder. yum.....We used to stop at a little burger joint when I was a kid on the main drag thru town that had a grassy verge for my brother and me to play while to adults ate. Always drove thru Sequim on our way to the coast.

Lavon said...

I had to go back and look some more.....and can see why you were wondering but comparing small shot to a larger shot just isn't fair. I can see why you felt driven to add to the painting. And I feel that you were right in doing so. The additional seaweed adds to the depth of field for me. The lighter bluffs also seem to do the same....LOL....just saying...8)

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Lavon! I appreciate your input!!=]