Thursday, February 28, 2013

"North Head Light" oil landscape painting, color study for studio painting by Robin Weiss

"North Head Light" plein air study for a large studio painting.  sold
The day was totally socked in. Realizing that I would not be back to this area any time soon I tried to capture the mood of the place. This 6x10 study doesn't look like much but has done the work of imprinting the scene and color in my mind. Now I will work from photos and sketches for a larger studio painting.....starting with value studies to work out the composition.

North Head Lighthouse value study 6x12 oil on panel
This study was from a photo taken the following day .......much clearer as you can see, but lacks a lot of the drama and mystery of the first day . I think I can combine them for a more defined design with some of the original atmosphere.

North Head Lighthouse value study 8x12 oil on panel
The value study shown here is an even better composition with the lighthouse visible through the mist and the drift wood creating movement into the scene and even a sense of danger and mystery.

On another interesting note....We found this debris. apparently washed across the Pacific ocean  from the tsunami in Japan, a few hundred yards up from this spot on the beach at Cape Disappointment.


Darrell Anderson said...

Nice progression of painting certainly are prolific! Can't wait to see where this goes.

Lavon said...

How marvelous, Robin! Do you actually do the paintings in black and white, grey? They are rather amazing just like that! Like black and photos; they have their own appeal even though you are just doing them for value studies. I would like to see one with the empty beach and the heavy fog. Just out of curiosity. Sometimes something really stark can be awesome...never know 'til you look...anyway, this is going to be gorgeous. I can already tell!!

Angela Sullivan said...

Such subtle values.Thanks for sharing.

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you all for the comments..I really appreciate it! I will be posting more of these value studies. They are really helping me to compose better paintings!..=]