Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Clear Creek Park" plein air oil painting by Robin Weiss"

Clear Creek Park ,8x10 oil on panel  sold
There is a cool little park near Silverdale that used to be a farm with open fields. The county has turned it into a park with boardwalk trails...I drove over on another overcast day to try and get a painting...after much groaning, scraping , pounding my fists on the ground and other useless antics, this is what I ended up with.

I put the boardwalk into the painting at first as a lead into the scene but it just wasn't working for me I scraped it out..

I've been working on doing more value studies to avoid some of these hit and miss paintings ....A lesson that, apparently, I have to learn over and over again

Robin Weiss in the Artists Painting Artist feature in Plein air Magazine

That very issue was mentioned in the mini article in Plein Air Magazine about a workshop I attended in Montana with my buddy Darrell Anderson, Cathe Gill and Bob Phinney.

Did I mention that my plein air piece "Gordon Painting on Kootenai Creek" was published in Plein air Magazine!!

There it is in full color along with a sketch of Bob Phinney in the March/April edition!

More on the value study stuff in my next post.


Lavon said...

Dear Robin, I honor your art deeply, as you know. But this one doesn't sing for me. Instead of thr green I would rather have seen more orange or tans. yes, that would have been monotone. maybe the green could have been smaller like an accent? instead of so much of it? Just a suggestion from a lady who loves your work. Hope your don't mind. Love, Lavon

Robin Weiss said...

I know exactly what you mean Lavon!...and thank you for your honest critique! I think a rework of this study may be a good exercise.

I have learned from other painters that if the composition is good and I think this one is not bad , then you are looking at a hue, temp or value adjustment...just what you suggest!

Lavon said...

Awesome! This is a wonderful composition! Please do do revisit it! In fact yesterday when I was looking at the other paintings that had been posted in the DPW, there was a painting by a lady who had done a similar scene almost as if she had been with you but had chosen different colors. Go thru yesterdays DPW posting and I am sure you will find it. I will see if I can. Mean while, keep up the good attitude and good work!

Susan Williamson said...

Congratulations on the article in Plein Air. That's where I found you and hope the exposure gives your art more well deserved recognition.