Friday, July 12, 2013

"Evening Glow" Skagit County, plein air, oil , landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Evening Glow" 8x10 plein air, oil on panel   Sold
 It was dark, cloudy and felt like rain when I left Poulsbo a week later for the workshop back in the LaConner area...The crew voted to soldier on no matter the conditions so I said a prayer and headed out. By the time I got there things were looking a little brighter and by noon the skies were clear! I really enjoyed sharing all my plein air tips with this group of happy painters and they took it all in and applied the lessons well!

 Me with the Posse, from left to right , Mark Bistranin,( with Jazz)  Christine Troyer, Pat Young, Sharon Dennis and Sharon Curran.
Skagit workshop group 2013
We set up to work at the location where I painted the church in Conway. There were a couple  different views to work from without moving far.
 I did my demo painting of the Skagit river so everyone decided to apply what I showed them to their own rendition of the same view.

Robs demo

The whole group did some amazing paintings and we all felt pretty good about the days work  I went in to LaConner to visit the Seaside Gallery and get some dinner. FYI , The Brewery in town on main street makes the best pizza! 
  The weather just kept getting better as the day went on. The light as I walked to my car was amazing! I decided to try for one more fast, evening painting and found a spot on a dead end road by a salt marsh that I never saw before.

Evening Glow setup

The mosquitoes and no-see-um nats were horrendous but the scene and the light was so spectacular I had to try and capture it. I spent about an hour getting the scene down as fast as I could with the light traveling very quickly.

 Just as I was packing up the "Super Moon" started rising over the fields!  What a sight! No time for another painting and I was beat!  I called Mark and he ran out in his pickup with all his gear,  racing to paint the moon .

"Super Moon" over the Skagit fields  2013


Scott Ruthven said...

Fantastic color!!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Wow: lovely work, all!

n warner said...

Beautiful work and wonderful capturing of that extraordinary light.
So spectacular!

Angela Sullivan said...

Wow! These are so nice