Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Forest Trees" Dosewallips State Park paint out , plein air , landscape painting by Robin Weiss

Forest Trees  10x6 oil on panel   sold
I facilitated my first paint out with the Plein Air Washington painters in June (I'm that far behind in posting!)      We had a great time and the weather was perfect! I reserved the group camp at the Dosewallips State Park and there was plenty of room for everyone but only a few of us actually camped.

The camp spot was in a nice spot right next to the river and covered in shade by huge Big Leafed Maples. I highly recommend this spot for a group, especially if it is a hot summer weekend!

We had fun around the campfire at night and I got better aquainted with several new painter friends.

I even tried painting our camp spot while I was waiting to greet the members of the group who were coming in to paint

Every evening I went out to the same spot on the river and worked on a larger plein air painting. I used my french easel and prepared an 18x18 canvas. I video taped each progression of the painting. Interestingly this painting, even after I got back and worked on it in the studio, never worked out in my view and I ended up painting "Yellow House" (back a few posts) over it!  I will post these videos for your viewing pleasure...=]   In retrospect I wish there was more  of my actual brush painting of the piece but at least you can see how it progressed and get a sense of location.

I'm hoping to improve my videography skills in the future and I have four more of these progressions to post in the next few days so let me know if you just can't stand it!....Till next time.=]


Kathleen A. Johnson said...

Love your new videos, Robin. Fun to hear the river in the really get a sense of being there. I also liked your tip about the plexiglass. And finally I love the tall tree painting too.

Lavon said...

Oh man!!! love that you are sharing these! The river was music to my poor dry ears here in NM! Great tip you shared, too! I gotta try it! Your tree painting is gorgeous, so very NW! I miss it sooo much. But it is pretty fab here, too. LOL! Next time I am in the NW I will visit.

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Kathleen! Hope the plexi tip helps you out!

Hi Lavon, Thanks! We haven't had a drop of rain here in the whole month of July!

Lavon said...

Summer in the NW can be so wonderful! You still have that fine river to splash in! We have had our more normal "monsoon" as they call it. Goes from early July to late August. I spent a day on our Mexican tile roof re-cementing arounf the skylight! SOOO hot! In the 90's. I drank lots of koolaid!