Sunday, November 16, 2014

"Salmon Cascade" Sol Duc River, , landscape oil painting by Robin Weiss in the Randy Higbee 6

"Salmon Cascade" 6x6 oil on panel  SOLD
A must take trip if you should find yourself on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state is a drive up the road along the Sol Duc river to the Sol Duc Hot Springs and then on up the trail to the Sol Duc Falls. If you do, the Salmon Cascades are right along the way.

 I spent some time earlier this year scouting painting spots with my friend Jim Lamb for his workshop during Paint the Peninsula. We stopped at the Salmon Cascades and did a couple paintings of the river. I took a bunch of photos which I used to compose this painting.

This is the third and last painting accepted in the Randy Higbee Six Inch Squared Show in Costa Mesa California. You can view all my paintings in the show HERE.  By clicking the "Back" button on the page you can view all of the 600 plus paintings accepted.  By clicking on the image of the painting on the page you can view the image larger and see a paypal button for purchasing.

Thanks for visiting!  There are more 6x6 paintings coming!


Lavon said...

Wonderful! The Sol Duc has always been one of my favorite streams. All the cascades, the glistening clear water, the gorgeous forest! You do it great justice with your evocative paintings!

Mitch said...

Three very strong paintings, Robin. And thanks for the link to the 6 squared site; it brought to my attention a number of interesting artists whose work I hadn't seen.
It's odd that they split up your entries, with Salmon Cascade adrift on its own way toward the end, but they are all there, nevertheless.

Marian Fortunati said...

Wonderful work, Robin!
And thanks for the tips on where to paint if I ever get up there to stay at our house...
Good luck in the Higbee show!! The man is a master marketer and always does a great job!

Robin Weiss said...

Lavon, Thanks! The Sol Duc is also one of my favorite painting spots!

Thank you Mitch! Some amazing artwork in the Higbee 6 show this year! It's quite an honor for me to be included among these talented artists.

Hi Marion! Your welcome! Hope to see you down the trail one of these days! =]