Friday, April 10, 2015

"Chip Brush" paintbrush, still life, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Chip Brush"   7x7 oil on panel  Sold
Available at Alki Arts

It's always best to have a plan when you walk into the studio.  Have an image in your head, or a plein air study, a sketch or a photo. Sometimes there is a canvas on the easel with a underpainting all worked out from the day before....I love that! ... Sometimes....I got nothin...
On those days,when painting outside is not an option, I have found it beneficial to grab the nearest object and paint it rather than spend a bunch of time circling the wagons.

paint tube
This was one of those, Diane at Alki Arts has been asking me to paint more of these little studies. She has a collection going and thinks some of her other customers would like them too...So I did several.

You can see all the paintings I did for Diane by going to my re-designed website!  Yes!  I have a new website!

 It's the same URL but a totally different look. If you click on the Portfolio tab you will see the paintings available at both Alki Arts and The Carrie Goller Gallery.  A lot of the other page links will take you to my Daily Paintworks or Daily Painters gallery page. That gives you a good overview of my recent and past work.

Let me know what you think!

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Lavon said...

nice work. not my cup of jo, but everybody likes what they like. received my roses! loving it! thank you for the wonderful opportunity to buy them!