Sunday, April 05, 2015

"Under the Fremont Bridge" Seattle city, marine oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Under the Fremont Bridge"  16x20 oil on canvas   Sold

I was totally surprised and delighted that "Under the Fremont Bridge" was accepted into the Oil Painters of America national exhibition in St. Augustine, Florida. What an honor to be included among some of the finest painters working in oil today.  I will be participating in the plein air competition that is included among many events at the convention this year.

 Really looking forward to connecting with other artists I have admired for many years.

This painting was done from a photo taken on location in Seattle, WA. I had a brief window of time before meeting someone and I raced around taking photos of the marina and boat houses under the Fremont Bridge that really grabbed my attention. I remember studying this view and thinking how massive the bridge supports seemed. Of course the photo did not convey that so I accentuated the support as well as bringing the rowboat more into the foreground.

photo ref.

This is a good example of how the composition of a painting can be enhanced using your photo reference and the memory and feeling of the place. The ideal situation would allow time to do sketches or even a color study but that is not always an option as in this case. Sometimes you have to snap as many photos as you can, take a mental image and get into the studio asap while the inspiration is fresh in your mind.

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Lavon said...

I see you got "pick of the Day" too, for this one. Lovely piece!!!