Monday, May 11, 2015

"Debbie Moore's House" St Augustine, plein air, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Debbie Moore's House"   9x12 oil on panel   Collection, David Foster
During the OPA National Convention we stayed in an Air B&B owned by Lizy and Ron in the Lincolnville district of S.A. Great hosts and I highly recommend staying there!

I mapped out three locations the day before the start of the plein air competition. All three were very close to our B&B so I could easily walk to each location. the first one was just two blocks down Sanford St. to this lovely little tree covered lane with the old houses, dappled in sunlight, lining the street. As I was happily painting, the neighbors stopped by to chat and see what I was up to. They weren't used to seeing artists out painting on the street. One neighbor said to me"That's Debbie Moore's house!" "She used to sing jazz with Bennie Goodman" She's ninety years old now"
 Sure enough, I did a little research when we returned and Debbie(McDade) Moore did indeed sing jazz in a number of venues. Click HERE to read an interesting history of Debbie(Mcdade) Moore and the Lincolnville district of St Augustine.

Lizy and Ron's B&B in St Augustine

First Baptist Church, Lincolnville, St Augustine,
where Debbie Moore attended church

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Lavon said...

lovely painting of an old house! great story, too.