Sunday, May 29, 2016

"Santa Barbara Marina" California, plein air painting by Robin Weiss

"Santa Barbara Marina"  10x10 oil on panel   Sold

Being from Seattle the first thing we look for in the morning is coffee!  After inquiring from a local where the best coffee was we ended up in a little brew shop tucked away in the Santa Barbara Marina......With lots of great scenes to paint!  Ann went to do some sight seeing and I unpacked the gear right there...

 Love it when I can leave my easel set up and walk around the corner for some great coffee at break time!

The day was overcast with a thick marine layer but that can make for some juicy grays in a plein air painting...

They had the van all fixed up by the end of the day and we were back on the road the next morning headed for Tucson and  PACE16....We sure had a great time in Santa Barbara!

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