Monday, January 15, 2018

" Mount Baker Unveiled" plein air, mountain, landscape by Robin Weiss

"Mount Baker Unveiled"   10x12 oil on panel  plein air     $700
Available through the Cole Gallery, Edmonds Washington   

I know it's 2018 but I'm still catching up to painting trips from 2017!  Sheesh!  I never get tired of this view of Mount Baker from Artists Point and have paintied it a few times before.  This one comes from our trip up with the Plein Air Washington Artists in the fall of 2017 . See a version painted in 2015  HERE

Picking blueberries

 The mountain blueberries were juicy and ripe. They always distract me from painting! In this picture you can see the almost glowing red color and that is the low lying blueberry bushes. The color in the fall is a great addition to any painting composition as well!!

Maury painting at Mt Baker

My son Maury came along with me on this trip.....His full time job is game design but he's a good painter too!

Check out Maurys website HERE

Mt. baker Unveiled on location

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