Monday, November 21, 2011

"Capital Grill" Seattle city oil painting by Robin Weiss

There are a few paintings I have missed posting along the way, so I will try and tie some loose ends and post these lost paintings before I get back to my series of rainy night scenes. As most artists, I love the look of a great backlit scene. I removed some of the foreground distractions to give this composition a stark look.

I started this painting in my most usual way with a underpainting in Transparent Orange Oxide and Ultramarine Blue washes, using a "drawing brush" for line.

 Here's the photo I used for reference.


nigelfletcher said...

Wow! Bold and confident, again. Love this

Unknown said...

This image stopped me in my tracks!

Robin Weiss said...

I appreciate it Nigel! I feel like I am stuck in the studio! I need to get out in the fresh air like you are!

Robin Weiss said...

Hi Sheila! Thank you! Glad you stopped by!