Saturday, November 05, 2011

"Passing Under the Viaduct" Alaska Way Viaduct, oil painting by Robin Weiss

If you live in Seattle then you know that the Alaskan Way Viaduct is being removed and replaced by a tunnel.It has been very controversial and taken a long time but they are now in the process of removing the structure. It is supposed to make the waterfront a lot "nicer" and free up a lot of valuable property for development. I guess that's true but I want to document in my artwork, the industrial, gritty feel that I love about the Seattle waterfront before it is gone forever.
8x6 oil on panel


Ian Lettice said...

Fab - An urban 'plein air' painting that's actually been done on the spot, with verve, style and a sense of happening!

Robin Weiss said...

Hey Ian, Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the kind comments. Although I would like to take credit for doing this painting En Plein Aire...I didn't.....It's from a photo that I took on the spot..I'm just not that good! But I wanna be!