Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Dosewalips Day Park" day of plein air painting with Robin And Maury Weiss

"Dose Day Park"plein air landscape painting by Robin Weiss  8x12 oil on panel
Still way behind so I will post all the paintings I did with my son Maury, when we went painting together last week.  We headed for our favorite spot, The Dosewalips river, with innertubes , fishing poles and easels. On the way we stopped at Falls View Canyon to get the first painting of the day on the books...
Falls View Canyon 8x12 oil on panel

I had been painting down in Falls View Canyon before and was excited to take Maury there! You can see my studio painting from this spot in 2010,  here. 

On the left is my painting and on the right is Maury hiking into Fall s View. It is not a long hike but pretty steep getting in there.
Maury hiking into Falls View

Maury set up and slinging paint at Falls View

We set up right on the river with a beautiful view of the cascade. The morning light was casting great shadows on the water. 
Maurys painting of Falls View

After painting the Big Quil.,  we headed for the Dosewalips........It being a beautiful, sunny, summer day ....and a Saturday,.. the camp spot at the Dose was packed! We tried parking along the side of the road in the camping area and found a good spot to paint....but as we were unpacking our gear a Ranger asked us not to park there....Drat!!...We ended up in the day park area and set up to do a painting there ....Needless to say there would not be any tubeing or fishing this day.....which was okay....we really wanted to paint!
Robs set up at the day park

Maurys painting at the day park
Our last stop at the end of the day was at a little park along Linger Longer road in Quilcene. We had to paint fast to keep up with the quickly moving light at this time of day..and it was a challenge!

Maury painting at Linger Longer Rd.
Robs painting from Linger Longer Rd.  6x8 oil on panel


Lavon said...

What fun!!!! Love the paintings you two developed from your day wandering some of my favorite places. Wonderful reflections on the water. Tell Maury I love the colors in his falls painting. Thank you for sharing your photos and story. I got to have a moment of bliss wandering the rainforest on a sunny day. 8)

Sherry Schmidt said...

Looks exciting - thanks for all the photos! Beautiful work too!