Thursday, August 16, 2012

"U-Pick Raspberries" Suyematsu farm, plein air painting by Robin Weiss

"U-Pick Raspberries"  Suyematsu Farm   8x10 oil on panel

Upper nineties predicted for the next few days......okay I'm outta here!...Someplace near water will work for a few days of extended painting...

I'm still way behind in posting all the plein air work I have been doing ....but I ran into the lovely gal in this painting and her two children while working at the light house yesterday.....She asked me how the painting turned out from Suyematsu Farm....Here it is! 

I learned that Akio Suyematsu , who owned and operated this farm has died...There will be a memorial for him at the farm sometime this month.
Akio Suyematsu
Suyematsu farm has a rich history on Bainbridge Island, Washington state. you can learn more about it from this article.  Also the book Snow Falling on Cedars, which was made into a movie tells a lot about what happened to the Japanese farmers on Bainbridge during WWII..

Robin Weiss painting the raspberries at Suyematsu farm

I took the time to do one more small painting of the raspberries in honor of Akio...May he rest in peace...


Ann said...

A wonderful tribute and a beautiful painting!

Lavon said...

Hi Robin,
Hope you are out enjoying the sunshine on a beach somewhere wonderful painting up a storm. Wonderful story about Mr.Suyematsu; may he already be happy in his next life. Love your painting of the upick. So pretty, green and soothing. Really want to see the rasberry closeup you were working on in the photo. later, Lavon